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Your goal is to set the rotors of the Enigma machine visible in the TEAM PANEL in the position allowing the word ENIGMA to appear in the center. The team which is the first to do this after solving the final puzzles, wins the game. You can try to set the rotors even now by clicking on them, however, they will return to their original position once the page has been refreshed. Only after a correct answer to the puzzles, following each of the lectures, has been provided the corresponding rotor will be moved to the correct and permanent position.


There are four levels at which you can play the game:

  • trial game (even for one person teams and very simple (like... trial game),
  • basic level (DECISIVE CHALLENGE on October 13)
  • advanced level (DECISIVE CHALLANGE on November 3)
  • ENIGMA level (DECISIVE CHALLENGE on November 24)

but it is entirely up to you at which level you choose to play. The game at each of these levels will be launched at different times announced in a separate document ( click here to view it).



There are six lectures to be published in the game altogether. Each of them is published successively at a specific time (click here to see the dates) accompanied by a set of cryptological puzzles. However, the access to the proper lectures (no. 1-6) accompanied by cryptological puzzles will be granted to the registered team members exclusively.  Each of the lectures 1-6 ends with a task that includes three cryptological puzzles. The answers to the puzzles must be submitted via the Internet, through your TEAM PANEL, each time (for a particular lecture) entered by a different (registered) team member. In the case of the tasks for the lectures 1-5, it is not necessary to have solved the task from the previous stage to be able to access the next ones. This, however, does not apply to the final stage, in which only the teams that have solved all of the published tasks accompanying each of the lectures can access the final puzzles (after the sixth lecture).


A cryptologic bomb is a device which allows you to complete the task without having to submit the solution. In the game, each of the teams is allowed to use the cryptologic bomb three times. In the event of using the cryptologic bomb you will not be granted the time bonus. Moreover, the cryptologic bomb is not allowed for the final task.


After 24h, 48h and 72h since the activation of each of the lectures, we will publish short hints to help the teams solve the puzzles. 


The team that completes all of the tasks accompanying a particular lecture before the publication of the first hint, will be given a TIME BONUS of 3 minutes. If the correct answers are provided before the publication of the 2nd hint, 2 minutes of extra time are added to your account, and before the 3rd hint – 1 minute. There are also three other ways to get some extra time:

  • by taking part in the photo contest,
  • by recommendation,
  • by answering supplementary questions appearing in the lectures.

The extra minutes will be deducted from the time you spend on breaking the last puzzle in the game. Therefore, the extra time you can get throughout the game may turn out to be a crucial factor for your team's final position.


The team being the first to set the rotors to make the word ENIGMA appear (by solving the puzzles in the final lecture), wins the game and the main prize. The winning team as well as the teams in second and third place are selected for each of the levels of the game.


You can join the game at any stage before the publication of the final lecture. Remember, however, that in order to be able to solve the final puzzles you need to have completed all of the tasks accompanying the lectures. If, for example, you are a player joining at a later stage of the game, it is better for you to read the most recent lecture and solve its puzzles before you deal with the previous ones.

For details on all of the above see the Rules and Regulations.

Under licence Creative Commons CC-BY-ND.